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PowerSlug™ Glass/Ceramic Atomizer Tanks

PowerSlug™ Glass/Ceramic Atomizer Tanks

$ 27.99 

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 PowerSlug™ is our newest and most technologically advanced empty vape cartridge!

Once you feel these in your hand, you'll realize these are no ordinary vape carts. 

These HEAVY DUTY atomizers are designed to vaporize even the thickest of Herbal E Liquids.

Key Features;

Adjustable airflow

The adjustable airflow ring at the bottom of the cartridge makes it easy to control the amount of air you get with each hit. Adjust it on the fly to find your perfect puff!

Optimized Ceramic Gear Coil

The premium coil heats up slowly to preserve the taste of the oil in the tank. But unlike the previous (B3 tanks) you can start hitting the atomizer as soon as you press the power button without fear of leaking oil!

Leak Proof Design  

Gone are the days of losing valuable herbal oil to leaking cartridges. These cartridges can even handle extreme environments like the inside of a hot car without malfunctioning. 

High Quality Glass Tube

The beautiful clear glass tube provides a great view of the product inside while having NO chemical reaction with the oil on the inside, ensuring the purity and taste of your oil does not change. 

An Absolute BEAST!


510 thread compatible with most batteries, But we recommend the 760 Glass Platinum Battery also found in the Deluxe Herbal E Juice Kit