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NEW! Powerslug Optix All-Glass Cartridges

NEW! Powerslug Optix All-Glass Cartridges

$ 25.99

Happy 4th of July!! Orders placed over the holiday weekend will ship on Tuesday.

PowerSlug™ Optix is our newest and most technologically advanced empty vape cartridge!

Optix marks a giant leap forward in vape Cartridge technology and sets the standard for next generation cartridges.


Revolutionary All-Quartz Design

Powerslug Optix Cartridge atomizerLet Your Product Shine

The All-Glass design allows in more light and makes the oil inside appear lighter in color for maximum shelf appeal.

Though the benefits are much more than surface deep, the All-Quartz design means that the oil in the tank never comes in contact with any metal. This will maximize shelf life and preserve taste, as well as assuring that your product will past even the most stringent heavy metals test, even the new Copper testing!


Massive Vapor Production

Powerslug Optix Vape Smoke 

Our Best Hitting Cartridge. Ever.

There's no other way to put it... These cartridges absolutely rip!
The extra wide design and mouthpiece allows for more natural airflow without the need for additional airflow vents at the bottom of the cartridge. This allows for maximum vapor production while allowing the vapor to mix with fresh air from around the lips to create a fresh taste that is unrivaled by any other cartridge. 

NEW! 4th Generation Ceramic Coil 4th gen Ceramic Vape CoilThick Oil. No Problem

With PowerSlug™ Optix, clogging is a thing of the past. The extra large 2.0mm intake holes allow for use with even the thickest oils, and the extra wide coil and center quartz tube mean that oil won't run up the center post and harden to create clogs. The one-way carburetor also insures that oil won't leach back into the tank and discolor the oil.


The PowerSlug™ Optix is without a doubt the best vape cart we've ever made. Try some out today and experience the future of refillable vape cartridges.