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"The Potion" Organic Terpene Blend (1ml Bottle)

"The Potion" Organic Terpene Blend (1ml Bottle)

$ 19.95 

The Potion- Natural Terpene Solution™ is an active terpene blend. Our original blend is 100% organic, It's designed for use as a diluent for extracts, creating the perfect viscosity for vaporizing your extracts.

Our Premium terpenes are strain based and all natural with no added flavors. These incredible and unique flavors will enhance your vaping experience. We highly recommend trying our Premium blends with your next order.

Tasting Notes for Strain Specific Blends;

Original (GG#4)

Nose: Earth, Pine, Petrol

Entourage effects: Euphoric, relaxing, heavy, full body relaxation and extreme couch-lock

Sour Diesel

Nose: Earth, Pungent, Diesel

Entourage effects: Serene, focused, joyful, fosters creativity

Skywalker OG

Nose: Earth, Pine, Wood

Entourage effects: Attention, motivation, drive, and improves focus


Nose: Cheese, Earth, Pungent 

Entourage effects: Sedation, relaxation, couch-lock, great for the end of the day muscle relief


Nose: Grapefruit, Citrus, Sweet

Entourage effects: Happy, Energetic, Uplifting, may help relieve stress and elevate mood


Nose: Strawberry, Sweet, Flowery

Entourage effects: Happy, Relaxed, Uplifting, great for relaxation without a heavy couch lock, may help with symptoms of depression.


Nose: Citrus, Orange, Sweet

Entourage effects: Creative, Uplifted, Energetic, may help alleviate stress and help with pain.